Doing Work, or how we began our weekend

Hey All-

We’re very excited about the opening of our reading period (September 15-December 15) for the 2011-2012 Print Edition of Mangrove, and we’re currently gearing up to send out some fliers, posters, and letters to Undergraduate programs around the country to help spread the word, start some buzz and what have you. Our AWESOME design staff is plugging away at getting something gorgeous put together, and the rest of us are hopped up on anticipation to start reading some excellent submissions.

In this week’s blog post, I’d like to propose a quick exercise to help get the ball rolling with your writing …

Take our your wallet or purse and pick out a receipt (if you don’t happen to have any, go bum around and find a discarded one. Hopefully you’ll find something fun and weird that somebody bought). Pick out some of the objects (for example, “VEG REFD BEANS,” “PUBLIX TOILET BRSH,” and “L/D SWIS ROLL”) and construct a poem or scene that contains the objects you’ve picked out. You don’t need to refer to them directly, but see what the combination of things suggets. Is it a grocery list? Is someone preparing for a party? etc. If that doesn’t strike your fancy you can also pick one object and go from there. Who uses this object? And in what way?

Hopefully that’ll give you something to go on.


Danny, Editor in Chief


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