Good storytelling, saving America

The light at the end of the tunnel is near.

It seems that when we sit down to talk about the detriment of society over the ages, “the media” comes up in conversation more than quite often. We talk about how mass broadcast entertainment tailors to the lowest denominator, burning brain cells around the country with every new reality TV series. And even though times are not necessarily coming to an end for all Jersey Shore-esque programs, the era of passive media consumption surely is.

Coming from the perspective of an advertising student, there is noticeable concern from brands and media networks that viewers are simply just not accepting everything that they see. We are the Millennials, you see, and as a culture our generation has grown with technology. Talk about multi-tasking! Often people of today’s generation are engaging with different devices at the same time, watching TV, laptop open, thumbs glued to a touch-screen cell-phone; you can hardly imagine how one can pay attention to all those messages at the same time. And truly, nobody is satisfied with the share of attention that they are receiving.

So here is a call to all storytellers – and to you, creators of content, both for entertainment and informational purposes. To be able to earn the attention of this generation, crating engaging experiences is a must. With the kind of access that we have to just about anything and everything through the web enables us to connect with those things that are the most meaningful to us. So gone is the lowest common denominator, and in is meaningful storytelling.

Broadcasting was never meant to be. As humans we are a social species, through the ages always thriving in groups, and the phenomenon that was mass media was a small blip of an anomaly in our timeline. Passive viewership and consumption of information is dichotomous to our being. Instead, we will always have a need for interaction and conversation.

It is up to the great storytellers now to save America. To bring our society back up out of our couches and to share ideas that are intellectual and moving.

Sadly, just yesterday, the world lost one of the greatest minds of our generation. Steve Jobs was a pioneer for the forward thinking, and without him we would not be headed in the direction that we are now. I leave you with one of his most inspiring messages, “think different.”

— Leo

Mangrove Design Staff


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