Reflections on a passing visionary ..

I’ve spent the only two decades of my life being one of the users that Steve had in mind when he first envisioned Apple. The products developed by Apple allowed me to vicariously be Steve’s friend. I’m writing this from my iPhone right now; I can’t escape his influence (not that I would want to anyhow). My existence was unbeknownst to him, but the impact he made was not; he knew damn well that he was helping shape the world. Being noted as the most successful company by notable sources, Apple was a part of all our lives.

Out of all the people who have passed away in this world who share that similar status – that status where they touch lives of people they have never met – Steve is the only one whose passing I cannot bear to wrap my head around. Albeit, we all knew he was ill; but I didn’t expect it to happen this suddenly. He obviously knew his time was almost up. Steve’s death seems similar to that of my own father’s. My dad passed away when I was 14 years old. After the incident, I discovered that my dad was aware of the little time he had left; he just didn’t tell me in order to refrain from having me worry. It happened too suddenly.

It reminds me of where we are now: in a Steve Jobs-less world. I have faith in Apple and its continuance. I wish everyone at Apple the best with their endeavors and I offer my condolences to them, their friends, families, Steve’s friends and family, and so forth. I can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for Steve’s commemoration. I just called Apple Tech Support with a false issue just so I can spill my guts to an employee. I feel like I should go to every Apple store nearby and leave flowers. We can only mourn for so long. As much as I would love to glumly think of ways to cope, I think I’ll commemorate instead by taking his advice. Steve said in his address to Stanford grads to “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Here goes nothing.

-Christopher Macomber


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